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of Warcraft players who have hit max and reached the World Quest grind see a ton of quests on a daily basis. It becomes easy to sort of ignore the quest text and go through the motions of collecting 10 of this or killing 20 of that, but Blizzard's quest design is so creative and entertaining that there are some great details to pull players back into the immersive world.

While completing World of Warcraft World Quests yesterday and trying to unlock the Tortollan faction reward, I spent some time traveling around the new zones and completing quests for the ancient turtle-themed faction. One of those quests tasked players to take control of a cannon and blast crabs and birds out of the way to clear a path for baby turtles trying to reach the water. The quest felt incredibly familiar and after a little bit of research, the reason became obvious. This quest is a total throwback to : A Hero's Tail.

WoW loves to drop in pop culture and video game references throughout the adventure and this particular World Quest seems to be a bit of a love letter to the GameCube era Spyro game. Here's a look at the quest in BfA and the original quest in Spyro

In World of Warcraft


In Spyro

Subtle throwbacks to old games (or movies or TV shows) is nothing new for WoW, but it's always exciting to find these little Easter Eggs for the first time shortly after a new expansion arrives. There are likely tons of other references to other media throughout the new zones and content that are still waiting to be discovered.

As the hardcore players reach their goal iLVLs and start entering end game content to take down the biggest and baddest bosses, some of us will still be goofing around with World Quests trying to find Easter Eggs. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

For the Horde!

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available now on PC.

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