World War Z Game DLC Adding New Mission and Monster

Ever since its release a little less than a week ago, it’s safe to say that a sizeable portion of players have been diving into War Z‘s Left 4 Dead-styled gameplay, as the game just recently passed one million copies sold across its supported platforms of PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. With this sales success under its belt, it looks as if the developer Saber Interactive is preparing to move forward with extra content for WWZ‘s myriad players by adding a new mission and monster as in the future.

According to Saber Interactive, World War Z will be receiving a new Tokyo mission, as well as a new special zombie at some point in May 2019, with the developer teasing that the zed in question spreads a virus “known to quickly take over new hosts”. What’s more is that the developer confirmed the forthcoming mission and new enemy type will be free for all players, and it will be providing a DLC roadmap soon for upcoming content it has in the works.

Saber Interactive’s decision to beef up the count of World War Z‘s missions and enemy types with DLC will likely be received well by the game’s fans, as it will not only give them an additional stage to play in, but also a fresh special zombie to test their strategies. Not to mention, with the developer having teased that a DLC roadmap’s in the works, the game’s player count could continue to grow if the title’s supported adequately with even more solid expansion content down the line.

Of course, while DLC for World War Z is an exciting prospect for many within the game’s community, it’s safe to say that some players are hoping Saber Interactive will tackle any lingering issues the game has as the developer works on incorporating add-on materials. As evidenced by the game’s official subreddit, some are still encountering crashes and connectivity issues with World War Z on both PC and PlayStation 4, and others are facing progression problems on Xbox One.

All things considered, it’s great to see Saber Interactive engaging with the World War Z community and working on providing even more content for players to enjoy in the near future. For those who are still on the fence about whether or not they should pick up a copy, they would do well to read our World War Z review.


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