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The wrestling world was shocked back in January at WWE’s Royal Rumble event when Ronda Rousey came out and made it known she was now part of the WWE roster, which at the time caused concern over the impact it would have on UFC 3 and her appearing in that game. Now, wrestling fans know when they will get the chance to see her in a WWE title.

It was announced with a new trailer for WWE 2K19 that Rousey would be joining the roster as a pre-order bonus for the upcoming game. As of right now, she is one of two pre-order bonuses that have been revealed for the title, with the first being Rey Mysterio. There is no word on whether players who don’t pre-order the game will be able to purchase the bonus in-game content down the line as regular DLC or not, but prior WWE games have done that in the past.

Rousey made the move from MMA to WWE quite smoothly, as well. Her first match was at this year’s Wrestlemania, WWE’s largest annual PPV. She teamed up with Olympic gold medalist, former WWE Superstar and current Raw General Manager Kurt Angle to take on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Many were blown away by her in-ring ability and how well she adapted to performing in a WWE ring, especially with her having no prior matches. Since then, she has kept improving both in the ring and on the microphone for promos and interviews.

Being digitally immortalized in another video game isn’t the only honor Rousey has received recently, either. For all her contributions to the world of women’s MMA and her performances in the UFC, she was also inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. The UFC Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place last Thursday evening.

WWE Champion AJ Styles, who let it be known his current favorite game is PUBG, will be the cover star for the game. Outside of its release date and few brief trailers that showed some glimpses of gameplay, not a lot has been shown off of the game regarding what features it will have.

WWE 2K19 releases on October 9th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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