Xbox Series X Launch Strategy Remains Unchanged Despite Halo Infinite Delay

During Phil Spencer’s interview on Animal Talking, Spencer reveals that the launch strategy remains unchanged following Halo ’s .

Yesterday, Xbox fans were devastated by the news that 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite was being delayed to 2021 from its original launch date alongside the Xbox X. While many fans have been understanding of the delay being due to multiple factors, like the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, others became skeptical as to what this meant for the Series X and its launch later this year. Phil Spencer understands these concerns and discussed the delay’s impact on Xbox Series X’s launch strategy on Gary Whitta’s talk show, Animal Talking.

Many players were surprised to hear that Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, would be making an appearance as a guest on Whitta’s Animal Talking. The show takes place entirely on the Nintendo Switch’s tremendously popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a platform that many would consider being a rival system to Xbox. According to Spencer in the interview though, he understood the confusion but it wasn’t that big of a deal to him. In fact, it made him want to go on the show even more.

During the interview, Gary Whitta asked perhaps one of the biggest questions on Xbox players’ minds since the announcement of Halo Infinite‘s delay: “What now? … Do you have to shuffle things around now to compensate? Does this change your launch strategy at all?” Spencer stated that it doesn’t, adding that the showcases from the past few months have really shown the “rise and importance of Game Pass.”

Spencer went on to say that Xbox Game Pass has become an important “decision-maker” for those already on the Xbox platform, as well as those who are “evaluating Xbox Series X as a console for them.” In addition to hinting at some big Xbox Game Pass announcements coming soon, Spencer wrapped up his answer to the question by saying that players won’t see a huge difference in how it is marketing the Xbox Series X. He explained that players are still going to hear about the console and Game Pass, and how the Xbox team believes those two things together are, “a real great value proposition for gamers.”

Xbox’s dedication to Xbox Game Pass is incredibly pro-consumer. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Xbox Game Marketing, recently made an appearance on What’s Good Games, where he said that Game Pass wasn’t exactly profitable at the moment, but the company is dedicated to the service and believes it will be profitable long term. And while it may still be disappointing that Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021, it seems that gamers won’t be given a cheapened experience when Xbox Series X launches in November.

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