Xbox Series X Poises to Avoid Current Gen Marketing Mistakes

X may do well, but Xbox 360 clearly demonstrated the peak limit of how well the brand can perform commercially.

– Xbox 360, the most successful Xbox home console, is the second highest selling home console in North America, yet it still fell behind PS3, the least successful PlayStation home console, in global sales.

– Xbox 360 is the only system, including consoles and handhelds, that has sold over 45 million units in North America yet somehow still didn’t cross over 100 million globally.

– Xbox 360 was able to keep a lead, albeit a dwindling one, above PlayStation 3 for a long time because Microsoft rushed the console to market. When you align the sales numbers from day one, it’s obvious PS3 was selling at a faster rate than Xbox 360 since launch. Microsoft can’t maintain a lead of any kind unless they have a year headstart, and even then they still lost the lead to the competition towards the end of the generation.

North America is a hard enough market to maintain since different console brands have taken the top spot moreso than any other market in the world, so that alone would be a huge obstacle for Microsoft to attain victory in.

Microsoft also has to consider that in the 18 years of Xbox’s existence, it has routinely failed to have greater appeal in markets outside of NA compared to PlayStation and it’s unlikely that’d ever change.

At best Microsoft can hope the Xbox Series X to sell is somewhere between 45-85 million whereas Sony has demonstrated they can consistently break past that 100 million milestone most of the time with their home consoles and it’s extremely likely that PS5 could also do so.


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