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More than two years since its release, 2 is still a behemoth of a strategy game, but things have been quiet out of developer Firaxis’ camp since the release of excellent expansion War of the Chosen last year. Today, the developer surprise-announced that it isn’t done with XCOM 2 just yet. New additions to the game are on the way.

The Tactical Legacy Pack is a supply drop of story missions, remastered maps and new modes celebrating XCOM’s history. It’s available on October 9, and it’ll be free — for a couple months, anyway.

It includes a series of Legacy Ops, which tell the story of how XCOM 2‘s ragtag resistance emerged during the time period between XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2, and it introduces new weapons and armour, new customisation options, an offline challenge mode, and a soundtrack selector that includes a new score inspired by the original X-COM: UFO Defence.

The new DLC also adds a long-requested feature in the form of a map , which comes as part of a new skirmish mode. The editor, says Firaxis, will let you modify the “map, squad loadouts, objective, enemies, and more”.

Firaxis is calling this a “gift” to the fans, so it’ll be free from its launch on October 9 until 2:59AM AEST December 4 . After that, aliens will invade, and our feeble human conceptions of currency will lose all meaning. Or the Tactical Legacy Pack will gain a $US7.99 ($11) price tag. One of those.

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