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Without a doubt, The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of Nintendo‘s most adored and critically acclaimed properties, as the games have caused a nearly innumerable amount of fans around the world to spend countless in the titles' fantastical realms. However, there's one person who might be considered the most diehard fan of them all, as an intrepid player recently decided to each main game in the Big-N's long-running action-adventure series with a 100% completion rate, taking them nearly 500 hours to do so.

This much was accomplished by the Redditor and The Legend of Zelda fan known as “mc_gamer”, with the feat taking 484 hours in total since the endeavor's beginning in July 2017, as they completed every single canon, single player title that Nintendo has ever released for the franchise. This means that The Legend of Zelda entries such as Four Swords on Game Boy Advance and projects like Hyrule Warriors weren't included in the effort.

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According to mc_gamer, Tri Force Heroes took the longest, with The Legend of Zelda super fan clocking in their total completion time for that single game as 44 hours. Following that title, though, was the 2017 Nintendo Switch and Wii U release, Breath of the Wild, which mc_gamer declared to be the most fun entry in the series to experience during the attempt to beat all of the canon Zelda games.

All things considered, mc_gamer definitely seems to be one of the most dedicated The Legend of Zelda fans out there, as they decided to face this venture not only as a “personal challenge”, but also to bring awareness to their organization known as Zeldathon, which hosts summer and winter Zelda marathons for charity. The group just recently met its Kickstarter goal funding a documentary about its work, so expect to see even more The Legend of Zelda-related content from mc_gamer in the future.

Source: Reddit

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