14 Experts Reveal the Path Toward Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure | Innovation

On Tuesday, April 24, leaders in the broad world of renovation and evolution gathered at a restaurant in Manhattan to share their experience and to brainstorm to identify the most significant opportunities, challenges and, perhaps, solutions to the issue of infrastructure rehabilitation.

Their ideas have been documented in this comprehensive report: Getting Infrastructure Done.

Here's what they're saying.

Marty“We stand at a social, cultural and political flex point, where the way it's been done from the 1950s until now is not going to be the wave of the future.”Marty Rosenberg, Director of Content, Energy, Informa


Dominic“Our perspective is technology, how it will help you to improve what you're doing to ensure the world has the infrastructure it needs, that it's funded, but also how it might disrupt your industry. We, as technological innovators, need to understand what you're trying to do and to put on the table what we think technology can and should do to help you do it.” 

Dominic ThesaratharStrategist, Construction, Energy, and Natural Resources, Autodesk

And they're not the only ones talking about infrastructure. Autodesk's Nicolas Mangon talks about infrastructure, and GIS and BIM construction technology in this video by the ConTech Crew.


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