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STAR footy commentator has responded to rumours his wife has been keeping a record of his “” on Channel 7.

The popular commentator was earlier this week identified by fellow TV commentators Eddie McGuire and Luke Darcy as the man behind a report in The Herald Sun which claimed an unidentified footy personality has recently organised for his wife to take notes surrounding the moments his face has appeared on camera.

“Which TV commentator had his wife keep a tally of because of concerns about a drop-off in recent times,” the report alleged.

Darcy and McGuire pointed their fingers in Taylor’s direction on their Hot Breakfast show.

“The term “face time” was coined a little bit at Channel 7 by and he just used to say look at the run down because it’s very important to get a little bit of face time,” Darcy said.

“Now there is one man who’s had a history with a bit of stopwatch action. Historically, he likes to just keep an eye on, if a call is happening, how much of the call he is doing and how much his co-callers are doing.”

McGuire then asked Darcy to give the initials of the commentator.

Darcy responded: “Brian Taylor”.

“I have no lines of sight on this at all, but I know Tania, Brian’s better half, and I don’t know. Six to four (odds) you reckon, Ed.”

McGuire went on to joke that the only other possible candidate would be Seven’s Basil Zempilas.

“It sounds like a Seven thing because we’re a tight knit group over at Fox Footy,” McGuire said.

Taylor on Thursday responded in brutal fashion by gunning the breakfast show duo on their own show. McGuire missed Thursday’s broadcast because of another commitment and Taylor was clearly upset he missed the chance to speak with the Collingwood president in person.

“I’d box his brains out if he was here,” Taylor said in an awkward, somewhat joking tone.

Earlier in the show Darcy promoted the upcoming interview with Taylor by saying “both barrels could be coming our way”.

He wasn’t wrong.

Darcy light-heartedly tried to settle Taylor down at the start of the lengthy interview by declaring it was all McGuire’s fault — but the former Richmond and Collingwood star wasn’t having any of it.

“You’re not kicking me out now Darce, because I have got a bone to pick with you,” Taylor said.

“Where is McGuire? This could end in a very, very aggressive way.”

He went on to say: “I am disgusted in your behaviour Darcey and McGuire.

“Do you know my wife? She’s not interested in footy. She is interested in one thing, getting hold of your neck and wringing it. Yes, you, and McGuire.

“She’s been a big supporter of both of you and she no longer has any support for either of you.”

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That was just the start of the incredible interview.

Here is an edited transcript of how Taylor torched his Triple M .

Luke Darcy: There is a long held story back in your early Triple M days that there might have been a little bit of a recording of time just in commentary.

Brian Taylor: This is another fabricated story. That is absolute garbage. I take umbrage to that because actually believe what you idiots say occasionally. And I am quite annoyed that you are able to fabricate lies and lie and I be the target of those lies and my wife, who doesn’t even bloody watch or listen to football. She hates football.

LD: Well that’s why we had you on. We go direct to the source. We were just reporting a story and we thought, ‘Let’s get our man on. He’ll be direct about it’. And now we can put that one to bed. Any ideas who it is?

BT: I don’t care who it is. I didn’t want to be in the same business as you blokes as fabricating lies, but if I must, OK then. To me it can only boil down to two possibilities in the end. It can only be McGuire or Darcy. Now, when I see guys like you deflecting stuff my way, I think — and the people out there should also immediately think — uh huh, he must be the culprit himself. Darce, we’re teammates? We’re teammates on Channel 7. We’re teammates on Triple M. And here you are absolutely smacking me. It’s no good.

LD: That’s right. We have worked together. There’s no one more entertaining to with than Brian. But as you would be aware, you ask the questions that need to be asked and you do it without fear or favour. And I think the Triple M family expect that of us. And, not like at other stations, we tend to go right to the source and we say, Is it you Brian? And you are launching a campaign to say maybe it wasn’t.

Taylor went on to say his support for Darcy and McGuire “ends now”.

“I wish McGuire was here. I’d box his brains out if he was here,” Taylor said.

“I’d give him a good swift kick up the cracker, McGuire. I tell you, I’ve had enough. I’ve been a great supporter of his and I’ve supported him too much and it’s going to end now. And that includes you (Darcy).”

Darcy also made Taylor categorically deny that he is the man the rumour referred to.

“At no point in time ever, was that even a possibility of that happening,” Taylor said.

“So bring your evidence forward McGuire. Lay it on the table. Let’s see it. It’s bulls***.”

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