Audi Outdo Themselves With Awesome ‘Escape’ A8 L Commercial | Feature

You know that moment when you’re in a life and death situation and trying to a much bigger and stronger opponent? Who knew that a luxury saloon could help you relax right in the middle of it? Must be the foot massage.

Then again, The Transporter never had this issue, and neither did Agent 47 from Hitman, although A8 models from the Transporter franchise didn’t come with a foot massage function, while the Hitman’s RS7 was more of a driver’s car than something you’d be chauffeured in.

In the end, those were Hollywood movies and this is just an ad, albeit a very well choreographed one, with loads of action, some impressive tech features courtesy of an A8 L, and even humor – we dare you not to laugh during the “champagne glass” scene.

It’s interesting that before jumping in the A8, the ad’s main protagonist seemingly had a choice of three cars, the other two being the all-new A6 and A7 Sportback. In the end, he chose to hide in the backseat of the biggest car there, which turned out to be a wise decision, even if it resulted in his peers having to make do without his help for a short period of time.

Altogether, this is ’s finest work in a long time as far as commercials go. Remember that one ad where the R8 was giving birth to the RS3? Let’s just say we’re still trying to forget it…


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