Bam! 5 tools for project-based learning

Educators know project-based (PBL) isn’t simply another teaching strategy. Project-based gives students deeper experiences, and as they apply their knowledge, they develop soft skills such as critical thinking and team work–skills they’ll carry through to college and the workforce.

But it’s often a great undertaking to locate and vet resources and tools for project-based learning, and don’t have an abundance of time.

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Below, we’ve gathered a handful of “add-on” tools for project-based learning. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope these resources help as you search for PBL examples and strategies.

Need some add-ons for #PBL? We’ve got you covered with these 5 resources.

1. Educurious:

In each Educurious course, students are challenged with problems to solve that pique their curiosity. Students are learning detectives, independently or collaboratively with their peers. Teachers provide scaffolding and guidance as students investigate the problem and propose solutions.

2. Metaverse:

The time it takes to design effective augmented reality learning activities may cause teachers to hesitate, but Metaverse makes the process more accessible with its scene-centered platform. Create digital scavenger hunts by adding location blocks or item collection commands to the experiences. Promote gamification and movement by designing digital “breakouts” for teams of students, or let students collaborate to create their own. Challenge students to work in teams to solve a riddle or puzzle, or bring the magic of virtual reality to the classroom by incorporating a 360-degree video scene. Empower students to create “choose your own adventure”-style stories or presentations to share with the Metaverse , or create a professional development experience that will have teachers thinking like kids again.

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Bam! 5 tools for project-based learning 1

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