Bosch to Sell Low-Cost Sensors for Flying Cars

Conceptual illustration of an air taxi on a landing pad.

today said it plans to a universal control unit for cars that combines dozens of sensors that have been proven in cars on the ground.

“The first flying taxis are set to take off in major cities starting in 2023, at the latest,” Harald Kröger, president of the Automotive Electronics division, said in a statement. “Bosch plans to play a leading role in shaping this future market.”

Among the many sensors in the universal, plug-and-play unit are MEMS-based acceleration sensors. These include yaw-rate sensors to measure the angle of attack that is, the plane’s angle with respect to the oncoming air. This was the quality that was mismeasured by the sensors and misinterpreted by the control unit of the Boeing 737 Max, contributing to the two crashes of that airliner.

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