Dodge Durango Avoids Rear-Ending Cammer, But At A Price | Feature

The driver of this red seems to have been caught off guard by decelerating traffic ahead, and ended up losing control under braking.

We can only imagine how violently the driver must have jumped on the brakes, for their SUV to skid off the road the way it did. That sort of reaction usually follows a period in which the person operating the vehicle wasn’t really paying attention to the car in front.

To make matters worse, the SUV spun off and hit a road sign before coming to a halt. It’s these types of silly, unnecessary accidents that should serve as a reminder for people to consistently keep their eyes on the road.

As for why the vehicle spun the way it did, if you look carefully at the moment in which the Durango driver starts braking, you can see how the nose of the SUV dip as the rear tires lock up. It would have been very interesting to know how much tread was left on those tires, although mechanical factors could have been at work here as well.

In the end, the moral of the story is to not let yourself get caught by surprise when driving. Even if you do walk away without a scratch and your vehicle isn’t severely damaged, next time you might not be as lucky.


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