Global healthcare award recognises the work teams are doing across the world | Innovation

A new global has been created to recognise the clinical care teams dedicated to improving patient care through innovative approaches.

Life science company Abbott has teamed up with global healthcare organisations to launch the Univants of Healthcare Excellence Award. Intended to inspire healthcare professionals around the world, the award the integrated care teams who are already achieving measurably better outcomes.

Abbott has partnered with the European Health Management Association (EHMA), the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) and Modern Healthcare in what it’s calling the first-of-its-kind global collaboration.

Now Abbot and the other partners are inviting teams to apply for the inaugural award. They are looking for healthcare teams who demonstrate:

  • Strength in Unity – teams working across disciplines to break down silos and develop care projects as collective and integrative teams.
  • Avant Garde – implementation of ideas that are at the forefront of change and mobilising insights from the clinical laboratory to transform healthcare delivery.
  • Nurturing and Passion – cultivation of communities, passionate about integrated clinical care and enabling others to do the same.

Lisa Rose, divisional vice president, global marketing, Abbott, said: “Our partners currently include global organisations dedicated to lab medicine, healthcare management and healthcare media. Just as there is a need for healthcare providers to reach across the aisle and break down silos, our multi-disciplinary partners also are unifying to find solutions to the evolving state of healthcare together.”

“Through the Univants of Healthcare Excellence Award program we hope to encourage healthcare system departments to break out of their silos and persuade all areas of the hospital to take advantage of the data from the lab to solve critical needs in the hospital and, above all, improve patient outcomes,” said Howard Morris, president of the IFCC.

Professor Federico Lega, president of the European Health Management Association, added: “The Univants of Healthcare Excellence Award program is focused on supporting the implementation of innovative and effective change solutions. As President of EHMA, I am very pleased to be supporting an initiative that aligns so well to our mission to drive excellence in health management as a platform for high quality, patient-centred care.”

Award entries are being accepted through March 2019. For more information and to enter the 2019 Univants of Healthcare Excellence Awards, please visit

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