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, says Peter Linder, Head of 5G Marketing for North America with Ericsson, will be reliant on creating efficiencies and improving services, on IoT sensors. Linder chatted with TechRepublic’s Teena Maddox at MWC Americas 2018.

Peter Linder: A lot of the things that like is a fuel in there more to say is a sensor, knowing a little bit what is going on: How much water is consumed and where, how much electricity is going where, and same thing for sewage and things, like that.

We see that the role that sensors play, and sensors, has mentioned, everybody understand[s], not what we predict what is going on, but actual use, and actual use is the basis for creating efficiencies in the smart city.

One of the ways some of this data can be used, for example, if we know how people are traveling a roads, we can make sure that … we can increase the efficiency on the roads. The biggest challenge in the city I live in, Dallas, it’s not that we have four lanes. It’s what happen[s] when we get down to wrecks in two lanes, and the two remaining lanes run at 30-miles-per-hour at rush hour.

So, by understanding more details about the traffic, and how it[‘s] actually behaving, and also starting measuring what are the D routes of people take in case of an accident? These kinds of things help us to better plan city services.

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Some of these case studies, what would be doing, and what had been happen[ing], we’ve been involved in projects, where we deploy new sensors and a variety of application[s]. Some of them actually measure water flows and purity of the water. Those kinds of things help us to actually predict what priority, leveraging IoT, to make better community services in the future.

So, I would summarize these things as going on with IoT, and the smartest cities, like the measuring of more of what’s going on, and debate on what the masteries, and those data points. We can change the services to something better in the future, and a lot of what’s going on in the cities is actually not the potential of everything that we can do, but anything that, that would cost a fortune. So a lot of the focus right now, it’s for, on things that actually, where there is measurable impact you can decide, okay, if you’re not invested in this, what will the outcome be? And those kind of projects get prioritized.

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