Hyundai turned the windshield into a digital display

Hyundai turned the windshield into a digital display

Specializing in the supply of automotive components, Mobis, has developed a pilot interior drone with high-tech systems of Autonomous control of a fourth or fifth level.

Premiere of the concept will take place in January of 2019 at CES in Los Angeles.

One of the features of the concept became the windshield, is able to change the transparency and turn into a screen, which during the visit to the Autonomous mode can broadcast movies or other entertainment content. In addition to the windshield UAV Hyundai will get a system of gesture control, as well as the technology of emotion recognition using the camera. Catching changes of the emotional state of passengers and analyzing these data, the system can adjust the background lighting of the salon and to share information about passengers with other drones. According to the developers, it will allow “to avoid possible accidents while driving vehicles in Autonomous mode.”

At the exhibition in Los Angeles, the company Hyundai will show the work of the lighting system, transmitting information to pedestrians and other vehicles with intelligent lighting.

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