Knight Rider Parody Is A Rare Dealer-Only Instructional Video From 1985 | Feature

While there are plenty of Rider videos out there, this particular one was actually made by GM itself as a dealer-only instructional promoting the brand new Firebird Trans Am back in 1985.

The acting (if you can call it that) in this video is dreadful and so is the script and the action, yet there’s something utterly fascinating about General Motors actually coming up with something like this.

The plot is pretty straight forward. The Hoff impersonator, aka Discount Michael Knight, is looking to get away from people who want KITT for themselves. His plan is to transfer KITT’s software from the original 1982 Firebird to the 1985 model.

Of course, how on Earth this video could help any Pontiac salesperson convince people to buy a new Firebird is beyond us. Sure, the guy who plays the salesman in the sketch is doing his best to run Michael Knight through some of the things he needs to know before getting in his new car. However, he only goes on to explain very basic things, which could have ultimately been covered by a simple set of guidelines.

Anyway, if you’re curious how the “story” ends, Michael manages to save KITT by uploading him into the newer Firebird. Plus, he also gets a full tank of gas, courtesy of the dealership. Guess he’ll have to make do with a conventional engine, then, instead of the original’s (fictional) turbojet with modified afterburners – plus boost rockers, of course…


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