Mitsubishi and Mirage team up to create autonomously guided system for manufacturers | Innovation

A new robotic has been designed to give manufacturers a range of flexibility on assembly lines, whilst also boosting plant productivity.

Electric teamed up with autonomously guided vehicle (AVG) manufacturer to create the stand-alone system, which consists of an AVG and a robotic arm.

These two combined features mean that users can deploy the system across multiple workstations, as it can move along a production line whenever needed. For instance, the system is able to move from product assembly to pick-and-place packaging tasks, switching lines and function to wherever it is needed.

By tracing a path with magnetic tape, the AVG is able to move around an assembly line. Radio frequency identification tags are able to tell the AVG where to stop and when to speed up or slow down. Safety scanners enable the device to know when to stop if an obstacle is in the way or an operator steps too close.

When the robot reaches a workstation, its external vision is able to assess the area to compensate for small variations in position and will recalibrate the robot to match where it’s best needed.

Articulated robot arms can help manufacturers gain a level of flexibility in their production lines and help perform tasks such as packing and sorting items from a conveyor.

The system can be operated via a terminal or be controlled remotely using a wi-fi connected master control box. The system is also able to help manufacturers minimise downtime through Mitsubishi Electric’s predictive maintenance tools which help operators determine if there are any equipment issues.

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