New system for cancer treatment gets manufacturing support from Chemigraphic | Innovation

A new system for that hopes to address unmet needs for the disease has received CE mark approval.

Medical equipment and software manufacturer Elekta has developed technology that enables radiation therapy to be delivered whilst MR images are being acquired.

Elekta Unity is a high-field MRI-guided linear accelerator (linac) system that aims to offer clinicians a new approach to treatment. The system enables magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT), helping clinicians see and track soft-tissues that are difficult to visualise.

Elekta received help from electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider Chemigraphic in bringing the system to market. Since 2014, Chemigraphic was involved in the development of Elekta Unity, conducting mechanical PCB assemblies and developing tests and installation kits.

Chemigraphic’s focus on precision and early engagement, as well as its ability to hand multiple assemblies, was an important factor in helping to progress Elekta Unity’s route to market. The company was also able to provide additional through the testing and development stages, helping the product to succeed in validation tests.

Barney Sheppard, sales operations manager at Chemigraphic, said: “Having been involved in this project since 2014, it is very gratifying to see the product launched onto the commercial and clinical market. It is humbling to be able to play a part in the development of a machine which will genuinely change and save lives, and we are very proud that our focus on seamless delivery and the highest quality assemblies has been a contributing factor in this project.”

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