Renault Will Stop Selling Rebadged Dacias In Russia And Brazil | Feature

Renault will reportedly phase out the practice of rebadged Dacia models outside Europe, including Russia and Brazil, as part of its plan to go upmarket.

The French car maker is currently selling models like the Dacia Logan and Sandero under its own brand in these regions but the practice will be phased out, according to Renault's design chief Laurens van den Acker who spoke to Automotive News.

“My goal is to have a global Renault lineup,” van den Acker said on the sidelines of the Moscow Auto Show. But what about the Renault-badged Dacia models? “I want that to ,” he said.

The only exception to this plan will be the Duster, which will likely remain in Renault's lineup globally. The Duster “is the only exception – it's one of our best-selling cars,” van den Acker said.

Renault's design chief added that the company will replace the Logan and Sandero with their own models, once Dacia introduces their successors in Europe, without providing a timeframe. The models will continue to be sold under the Dacia brand in Europe.

Renault has revealed the new Arkana coupe-SUV at the Moscow Auto Show, which is the company's second standalone model with emerging markets in mind, following the Kaptur compact SUV. It will go on sale in Russia early next year.

The Russia-exclusive Kaptur is slightly longer that the Captur sold in Europe but it's based on the lower-cost B0 platform.

Renault is currently being pressured by the improving quality of their own Lada budget brand in the region, with van der Acker saying that Steve Martin, Lada's chief designer, is “making my life miserable. So we are forced to push up the Renault brand so we do not end up cannibalizing each other.”

The French car maker plans to sell the Arkana in China, Latin America and South Korea. Renault is currently considering offering the Arkana in Europe too, but it's not decided yet at the moment, according to van der Acker.

New Renault Arkana pictured

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