Russia Plans to Cut Itself Off From the Global Internet

Turn It Off

Sometime before April, the Russian government to briefly disconnect the entire country from the .

The brief shutdown is part of an ongoing effort to bolster ’s against foreign attacks that would it off from the rest of the world, according to ZDNet — and it’s a sobering reminder that in a fractious era for international relations, a internet isn’t a guarantee.

Turn It On Again

The push for the big experimental shutdown comes from proposed updates to Russian telecom laws. The Russian government announced in 2017 that it would handle up to 95 percent of all internet traffic locally — that is, independent from the rest of the world — by 2020.

The upcoming shutdown will test just how resilient those local networks are and how much internet traffic can slip through the cracks. A new law will also direct Russian internet providers to direct all traffic through government-approved servers to further enforce content bans, according to TechNews.

Russia Plans to Cut Itself Off From the Global Internet 1

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