SEAT’s Revolutionary Tech Sends Sounds Directly To Ears | Feature

You won’t have to listen to your kid’s favorite tunes in the car again if SEAT’s latest technology gets the green light for production.

Created in collaboration with Noveto, it’s a revolutionary system that allows sounds from any device to be directed to each individual’s ears. The solution goes beyond the need for headphones or traditional audio speakers, according to the two companies.

Kids aren’t the only target of this technology, as the carmaker says drivers will be able to manage phone calls, while passengers will still listen to their selected music. Moreover, the system is said to deliver a high quality audio experience to each user, isolating them from the surroundings.

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Before deciding whether it’s feasible, based on a number of factors, including public appreciation, and if it should be put into production and offered as an optional extra, the main goal behind this new in-car , which is part of the XPLORA project, is to integrate it within a SEAT vehicle in the future. Until then, the Spanish automaker says it will present its conclusions next December.

“SEAT aims to be a driver of innovation in the development of this kind of tech solutions, and we are particularly proud of the progress shown by XPLORA”, said the company’s Digital Officer, Fabian Simmer. “We hope this is the first of many disruptive projects.”

“Both companies have a shared vision for how Noveto’s proprietary technology can help SEAT continue to maintain this leadership position, while helping to transform the driving experience for SEAT’s customers for the better”, added Noveto’s CEO, Brian Wallace.

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