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A reader and proud mom, Ana, writes in: “I wanted to read articles you had about since my son has been growing on that app so much. He makes these vertical films telling stories for companies around Austin and some of my grandbabies as well. I may be a bit biased, but they are really good! He has somewhere over 120,000 views on his IGTV channel right now, I believe.”

Thanks, Ana! IGTV or Instagram TV is indeed a very interesting new-ish platform. It debuted in June as a separate iOS and Android app that allows users to post longer videos, up to an hour in length. The service, which shows up as a little TV symbol in the main Instagram app, is divided up into channels that users can create. It’s a bit too early to say whether IGTV is a huge success, but it seems to be attracting content made by video creators from other platforms such as YouTube.

Ana’s son in Austin, Benjamin Brandon, posts IGTV videos on his Instagram as “accessbenjamin.” In addition to the kiddos, you can find some instructional videos on the best ways to use IGTV and tips for full-screen vertical video storytelling. 

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