Smart shoes retransmit vibration from music, films & video games

PARIS: With these sneakers, you can experience rhythm from head to toe. An American company has developed a pair of smart shoes that can retransmit vibration from music, films and video games.

At US$299, this innovation does not come cheap, but what else gives you the sensation of being in a nightclub when you are just walking down the street?

Offering a revolutionary combination of sportswear and wireless tech that will appeal to fans of virtual reality, DropLabs has launched an updated version of its smart sneakers, which it has modestly christened “EP 01 Triple Black.”

The new Bluetooth shoes can be connected to any iOS or Android device to enable you to feel music, sound effects from video games or any other audio content in your feet.

The goal of this haptic feedback technology is to provide a more immersive experience that enhances the impression of being present in the virtual space of a game or a venue like a concert hall where the rumble of bass is not only heard but felt by the body.

In short, it can offer the sensation of being in a nightclub when listening to music in the street, which is not such a bad thing when you consider that many clubs around the world are closed because of the ongoing health crisis.

With regard to aesthetics, this futuristic is largely discreet. As the name EP 01 Triple Black suggests, the shoes are largely black with only one feature that is suggestive of their high-tech functionality, a remotely controlled LED behind the heel.

As a video on the company’s Twitter explains, you can use the DropLabs application to select the color you want for this detail.

As you might expect, all of this technology does not come cheap, and customers for the new footwear will have to take a price tag of 299 dollars in their stride.

They might also want to take into consider the issue of battery life, which is not often a consideration when shoes.

DropLabs claims that the EP 01 Triple Black will run for six hours on a single charge. The shoes are already available for order from the company’s online store.

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