SNL has disrupted elder care with this excremental innovation

Why we care: Elvis Presley is generally agreed-upon to have been a pretty cool person, and yet his image is forever tainted by the fact that he famously shed this mortal coil slumped over on a toilet. It is, in fact, a testament to how cool Presley must have been, that his undignified ending is only a minor addendum to his legacy. But if Elvis himself couldn’t fully escape the embarrassment that comes with dying on the toilet, what chance do your nana and pep-pep have?

It’s a problem the writers at have clearly grappled with, since the most recent episode of the show offers a compelling, if unrealistic, solution. The Toilet Death Ejector is SNL’s attempt to disrupt the elderly care space with state-of-the-fart (I am so sorry) and American can-do spirit. Describing the contraption will only diminish the impact of seeing it in action, so have a look below and remember that there but for the grace of God go pee. (I am even more sorry now.)

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