The Toyota Rhombus is electric car you sit like a bathtub

At the Shanghai Auto Show 2019, Toyota presented the Rhombus. It’s an car with only one driver’s seat and seats for passengers behind. It looks a bit like sitting in a bathtub.


The Toyota Rhombus is the latest electric car concept from the Japanese manufacturer, which now celebrates its premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show. It was developed at TMEC, the Group’s research and development department in China.

Externally, the Toyota Rhombus has a futuristic look with its hard edges and chubby front. But it only gets really crazy inside the concept car. Because here there is no room for drivers and passengers in the front row, but only a seat in the middle of the vehicle for the driver. There is room for up to three other passengers at the rear, where they in a rickshaw-style or diamond shape – hence the name.

toyota rhomba electric concept car toyota 02

At first glance, the electric car would appear to be a good taxi. However, the lack of rear doors makes getting in a bit uncomfortable. According to the company, the Rhombus is also aimed at young people born after 1990, as it corresponds to their lifestyle – whatever that means.

When will the Toyota Rhombus launch?

Exactly when the futuristic electric car launches, Toyota has of course not yet announced. This is a concept for the time being, but it would come to Europe at the earliest in 2021 anyway. The manufacturer’s electric cars, of which nearly 13 million were sold in the past two decades, will then reach our continent.

What do you say to the Toyota Rhombus? It doesn’t look really comfortable and somehow reminds me of an oversized bathtub. But that’s just my opinion.


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