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We’re just a few out from Christmas now, which can mean only one thing – insanely long wishlists, full of toys that we’re probably classed as too big for these days.

But the best Lego know no upper age limit. The block-building mega toy is a perennial favorite, teaching young and old the power of creative play, as their imaginations become miniature realities in front of their eyes.

So what’s on the horizon for Lego in the run up to Christmas? From the of Harry Potter to the fastest hunk of junk in the Star Wars universe, here are the best Lego kits money can buy this year.

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes App Controlled Batmobile

RRP £89.99

From Adam West’s hotrod to Christian Bale’s tumbler, the Batmobile has had more redesigns and paint jobs than a series of Pimp My Ride could ever feature. But few have resulted in as cool a toy as the Lego App Controlled Batmobile. Featuring two battery powered motors and four-wheel drive, it connects to your phone over Bluetooth with an app, letting you take the steering wheel of the Dark Knight’s car.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

RRP £149.99

Lego has always been interested in the motorised potential of its block builds – you just have to look at the long-standing Technics range to see that in action. This year it’s putting the focus on robotics and coding too. The Boost Creative Toolbox lets you Vernie the Robot, in any one of his five forms, and learn how to instruct him with a connected app to move and talk.

Lego Arctic Mobile Exploration Base and Lego Arctic Scout Truck

Mobile Exploration Base RRP £84.99 

Arctic Scout Truck RRP £34.99

These two kits make for a great pairing – a fun take on the old-school classic Lego adventure builds, seeing a team of Arctic explorers uncover a frozen wooly mammoth. In the bigger set you’ve got both the explorer’s mobile transport vehicle and static headquarters, as well as the mammoth artefact itself, while the Scout Truck set offers the aforementioned tread-wheel vehicle and an icy cave that houses a polar bear and his cute arctic wolf buddy. This has the makings a classic kit, and is our favorite from the latest line of Lego sets.

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

RRP £349

There are few more perfect licensed pairings than the magic of Lego with the wizardry of Harry Potter. Whether you’re a fan of the books or the movies, you’ll find loads to love in this mammoth recreation of the iconic Hogwarts Castle (also pictured up top). Making clever use of scale, it swaps out the regular minifig characters for the tiny microfig versions of Harry, his pals, enemies and teachers. As a result, whether it’s the Chamber of Secrets or the Great Hall, your Lego creation will accurately represent the epic locations.

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Lego Creator James Bond Aston Martin DB5

RRP £129.99

Definitely one for the bigger kids, this James Bond-themed set is one of this year’s premium Lego collectibles. Depicting what’s arguably the most famous of Bond’s motors, there’s great attention to detail with the build here, with smart hood features and gadgetry bringing 007’s slick wheels to life.

Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

RRP £149.99

It’s the coolest ship from a galaxy far, far away, but only during this summer’s Solo: A Star Wars Story origin movie did we get to see the Millennium Falcon before it was a battle-scarred hunk of junk. This set brings the ship back to its earliest adventures, bringing you the Falcon in all its pre-Kessel Run glory. And just look at those minifigs! Really, who wouldn’t want a little Donald-Glover-as-Lando to add to their Lego collection?

The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition

RRP £119.99

What’s cooler than an Iron Man suit? How about a massive one? It’s gone toe-to-toe with some of the Marvel universe’s strongest foes, and now it’s ready to the wrath of your bare feet at night. Is there more excruciating a pain than standing on the corner of a loose Lego block? Getting a whack from the Hulkbuster might just match it. A smartly-adapted Lego special, it’s great to have a regular Iron Man figurine here too to get that impressive sense of scale.

Lego Technic Bugatti Chiron

RRP £329.99

Sure, we’d all like a Bugatti on our Christmas lists, but some of our budgets are a little more modest. The next best thing might be this premium Lego Technic kit. Petrolheads will get a kick out the set’s Technic eight-speed gearbox with movable paddle gearshift, and a steering wheel bearing the Bugatti emblem. And if that isn’t sounding plush enough, pop the hood open and you’ll even find a miniature Bugatti-branded overnight bag sat inside. Lush Lego luxury for the most discerning of minifigs.

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