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Completing a construction layout without construction document sharing can be a time-consuming and headache-inducing activity. Even when everything goes smoothly, manually downloading 2D and 3D plans in the field is time-consuming, as is delivering field survey data back to the office.

And things don’t always go smoothly. Between downloading and uploading data, a lot can go wrong. The wrong files may be accessed, changes may be made in the office and not communicated to the field, and survey data may be entered incorrectly, to name a few common mishaps.

A new integration between and BIM 360 promises to change that, saving you time while improving workflows and precision. Here’s how.


What Is Topcon?

Topcon is a manufacturer of optical equipment and surveying tools. Their Topcon Positioning Systems represent some of the world’s leading precision measurement and workflow solutions for the global geospatial and construction industries. By integrating high precision measurement technology, software, and data, Topcon’s solutions make surveying and construction layouts easier and more precise for construction teams.



How The Integration Helps Your layout

Topcon already integrates with BIM 360 Layout, and the new update expands that integration to BIM 360 Docs. Now, field operators can manage 2D plans, 3D models, and any other project documents directly inside BIM 360 Docs environments right in the field. They can also now upload field data directly into the cloud the same way.

This streamlines document management between the field and office, and ensures that everyone works constantly from the most updated data.

The BIM 360 integrations allows construction teams to perform field layout from building plans stored in the Autodesk cloud or collect survey and positioning data that can be directly uploaded to BIM 360 Docs. Machine automation users can also access Autodesk documents through Enterprise and Sitelink3D.



What Are The Benefits of the Integration?

The Topcon integration with BIM 360 Docs streamlines workflows and saves time on construction layouts. Real-time web-based access to plans and project files mean that field workers can instantly access the single source of truth while in the field, and communicate with office teams likewise in real time.

Because field teams no longer have to download and upload files from one system to another, data remains in tact and sharing is simplified. The net result is faster and better collaboration overall, and a simplified construction layout process.

The integration is the latest in Autodesk’s continual quest to provide construction teams with more of what they want and need to improve their performance and make their lives easier. Find out more here.



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