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There's a new place to play in Downtown Los Angeles: Two Bit Circus mixes drinks, food and in a sprawling facility.

If you're looking for something fun and different to do on a Friday night, Two Bit Circus might be the place.

Think Chuck E Cheese but for adults, or a more high tech version of Dave and Buster's. Two Bit Circus has , virtual reality, escape style rooms, food, drinks and more.

The atmosphere seems inspired by an old-timey circus or carnival.

The founders – Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell – call it a micro amusement park.

“We just wanted to get people together again,” said Gradman.

There are games you might see on a Midway, a full arcade, virtual reality rooms and pretty much everything is social. No one is playing alone – you can play with friends or pair up with some new ones.

Many of the attractions were devised by Gradman and Bushnell themselves, including a robotic bartender named Gearmo del Pouro.

There is also an interactive theater named Club 101 which has seating for nearly 100 people. In here, there will be quiz games, wine tasting and more.

“One important difference between playing a game on your phone and playing games here is that here the environment is part of the experience,” said Gradman.

One bit of trivia: Brent Bushnell is the son of tech visionary Nolan Bushnell and the guy who started Atari and Chuck E Cheese.

The duo says they hope to take the concept to other cities in the future.

Two Bit Circus is now open in Downtown Los Angeles, weekdays starting at 4 PM, weekends at 10 AM. Kids are welcome until 9 PM Friday and Saturday night. Admission is free, pay as you go to play and eat.

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