Uber now allows female drivers in Saudi Arabia to choose to only drive other women

Uber has a new option for female in Arabia that allows them to choose to only drive female passengers, reports Engadget. The move began as a pilot program back in September 2018–three months after Saudi Arabia lifted a ban on allowing females to drive.


Uber launched the pilot program after feedback that revealed that 74% of female Saudi Uber drivers were only interested in driving other women. Given the harassment female drivers have had to put up with from some male passengers, the feedback isn’t exactly shocking.

As of today, Uber is rolling out the option to allow female drivers to only choose to drive female passengers countrywide. But for female drivers in other countries–some bad news: Uber says it’s not planning to roll out this option globally to its drivers. There are also no plans to let female riders select the option of only being driven by female drivers.

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