Why you might see more flight ads on Facebook Tech| Innovation

Seeing a big uptick in Facebook ads for flights recently? That’s because Facebook has launched a new feature that allows airlines to send targeted ads to people who have searched for flights anywhere on the Web.  

For consumers who don’t mind receiving targeted ads to help them find a good deal, the launch of Flight could be a positive development.  

But consumers who are concerned with privacy may want to reset their ad settings.  

Previously, advertisers were only allowed to send targeted ads to consumers who had visited their own website or app while searching for a particular

Now, advertisers get expanded reach with the updated Flight Ads feature.  

For example, airlines will now able to send tailored ads to consumers who visited airline sites and flight pricing apps, other than their own.  

Same applies to consumers who visit a travel-related Facebook Page.  

Not interested in receiving more flight ads on Facebook? Opt out by managing your ad settings on Ad Preferences. – AFP Relaxnews

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