Why you’re likely to be 3kg heavier | Innovation

MOST people will gain about 3kg this winter, with new research showing about 70 per cent of Australians change their diet during the colder months.

The research, commissioned by Australian Beef, reveals almost half of Australians believe we need different foods in winter to feed our body and mind.

About a quarter of the 1000 people surveyed ate richer foods and had bigger servings. About 13 per cent said they believed the consumption of extra calories was justified as their body burnt it off trying to keep warm.

Dietitian Jaime Rose Chambers said it was an “alarmingly large” number of people who believed the false assumption.

There’s no biological reason to eat more when it’s cold,” Ms Chambers said.

Bowen Hills flatmates Lara Keating and Mary Mason work to keep winter cravings in check.

“We’re conscious of still trying to make healthy choices because you don’t want to blow out,” Ms Keating said.

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