6 Industrial Robotics Trends You Need to Know About: 2020 Edition

Robots haven’t had a great past in business. They lacked complex skills and were often fired for hindering business. The good news is that things have changed over the past few years.

Robots are expected to become one of the most significant driving forces in manufacturing businesses. The entire is expected to reach a size of $33.8 billion by 2025.

If you plan on using robotics in your business, there are a few trends that are worth keeping track of. Keep reading to learn six robotics trends that will make a difference for your business.

1. Adoption of AI in Manufacturing

We’ve always had to tell what to do. They had a limited skill set that they were programmed to do. With advances in AI and sensors, that’s starting to change.

Expect robots to start learning on the job. They will be able to anticipate problems and fix them before they become issues. This trend will lead to increased use of robots on manufacturing floors.

2. Cloud Robots

Everything is becoming integrated today. Robots are not an exception.

Expect more cloud software to become available that allows your robots to work together. Centralizing everything into one platform will allow your robots to work more efficiently and get more done.

3. More Competition

There have always been a limited number of companies working in the robotics space. Because of this, it’s always been expensive to get the latest technology.

Now that robots are becoming more accessible, you can expect more businesses to start entering the space. Increased competition will lead to more product options and lower prices.

4. Customized Robots

Changing your entire infrastructure to make the best use of a robot is too much work for many businesses. This has led to an increase in businesses that provide customized robots.

2020 will see a rise of robots that are tailored for the companies that are adding robots to their workforce. They will integrate with the hardware and software those companies already use.

5. Increased Focus on Logistics

Advances are being made in every part of the supply chain. Everything from the manufacturing to delivery process is changing.

Many business owners are beginning to make use of these changes to streamline their workflow. Expect to see productivity increases and fewer errors once your chain starts making use of robots.

6. Self-Healing Robots

As the robot industry grows, we expect the need for technicians to grow with it. But as we continue advancing robot technology, that need may go down.

There have been advances in self-healing technology that allow robots to enact simple repairs on themselves. Expect a shake-up in the industrial robot repairs industry as a result.

Make Sure to Follow Robotics Trends

Robotics is advancing every year. If you don’t keep up to date on the latest robotics trends, your competitors will be able to take advantage of them before you. Make sure you’re up to date so you can optimize your facilities.

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