8 Advanced Robots Helping Human, You May Don’t Know

Robot are kinda intimidating inventions, as we already seen in a bunch of Science fiction movies. But, there are 8 helping humans you probably don't know they exist.

We already have most sophisticated robots around us which serving us in various industries like medical, automobile and mines where cannot go directly and handle the situations. But, those robots have limitations, those are not intelligent and can't work without human supervision/intervention.

But, can robots do jobs without human help?

Yes, Thanks to the artificial intelligence and machine learning. There are the few most robots powered by AI, helping humans to save the world. These robots are more conscious, intelligent and designed to help humans without any human supervision / intervention.

I'm here to help humanity to create the future – Sophia (an AI powered humanoid robot).

You probably think how robots can help for humans? if so, let's find what can robots do to help humans – before getting in to the topic.

So, what can robots do to help humans?

Robots can help us in security, automation, rescuing and exploring dangerous places etc., some of the a following are below:

  1. Exploring space, under water because of no air, no gravity, high pressure and extreme temperature conditions
  2. fighting enemies in the national security borders
  3. Using as security forces in critical areas such as airports, railways station and other crowd places
  4. Aiding injured in road accidents and natural disasters
  5. Helping humans with disability
  6. Performing household works
  7. Care-taking of children and senior citizens and so on.

8 Advanced Robots Helping Humans:

We've been hearing/seeing in movies about security robots for decades but finally, they are now a reality. A California based firm Knightscope, Inc. building a series of Autonomous Security Data Machines (ADM) for detecting and preventing crimes.

A 5-foot Autonomous Security Robot called Knightscope K5 rows around the crowd places like airports, railway stations, sports stadiums, office premises and malls searching for criminals, suspicious people and activities. The Knightscope's robots are inspired by humans and use sensors to navigate and prowl for intruders within the area that they are per-definedly permitted. It has sensors like:-

(1) lidar (light detection and ranging) – with 21 lasers that they're spin around and capture the surroundings every 20 milliseconds.

(2) ultrasonic sensor – just like proximity sensor in the rear bumper of a car it let the robot know when things come close.

(3) GPS – so the Knightscope robot is conscious about its Geo-position/location and Geo-limits, also know where to go and how and to be in its geographical limits.

(4) wheel odometry – like our automobiles how far they travelled and measure the speed.

(5) Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – is a combination of accelerators and gyroscopes which uses to measure a particular objects force and angular rate to determine whether its accelerating or decelerating.

(6) Cameras with facial recognition algorithms  – to identify the criminals from the crowd.

And microphones, heat detectors and pollution monitors etc.,

On the back-end, these security robots can scan over 300 license plates per minute, can able to blacklist individuals by blacklist their phones, faces and vehicles. Then these so called autonomous data machines/security robots will upload all the data to the cloud server and then company alerts its clients.

7. da Vinci Surgical System – Robotic Surgeon

da Vinci is the most sophisticated medical/surgical robotic technology we have today, developed by Californian firm Intuitive surgical. it is designed to perform minimally invasive surgeries i.e., it enables the surgeons to operate into a patient's body through a few small incisions/cuts. da Vinci has two separate parts – instrument unit and a console unit. The instrument unit is a tower like a mechanism equipped with four robotic arms, that can bend and rotate far greater than the human hand.

The console unit much like a gaming station, its handy joysticks like structure and foot pedals help to translate surgeons hand movements into smaller precise movements using tiny instruments inside the patient's body. And, its high definition 3D endoscopic camera enables the surgeon to look into patients body through its viewfinder. Despite not being a fully automated, the da Vinci is well known for its great shake proof precision control.

The da Vinci is operating more than four thousand hospitals world wide. According to the MIT Technology review, da Vinci has already performed over five million surgeries worldwide.

6. Moley's Kitchen – Smart Robotic Chef

We have seen or at least heard about robotic waiters serving at hotels but what about of robotic chef???

Yes! Moley has created the world's first robotic kitchen with a pair of metal limbs.

Moley's kitchen is the most sophisticated and beautifully designed robotic chef (cooking machine). It has a pair of fully articulated robotic arms with tactile sensors integrated into a kitchen. Inspired by master chefs Tim Anderson – it can reproduce entire movements and functions of a human hand at the same speed and sensitivity. And capable of cooking anything that human chef can, with an exact flavour and taste.

It uses an integrated 3D camera and gesture recognition algorithms to record the precise movements of a chef. Later, the Robotic kitchen mimics the chef's actions. Also, it supports online library of recipes to cook the delicious food.

The Moley's kitchen features an oven, an electric stove, a dishwasher and a touch screen console unit. Its artificial hands can able to handle with most of the kitchen equipment s like mixture blender, knives etc.,

The prototype was previously demonstrated at International Robotics Show, and the consumer version of the kitchen set for launch in 2019.

5. Atlas

Atlas is an advanced humanoid robot built-by American robotics company ‘Boston Dynamics', designed to perform search and rescue operations in extreme conditions. It's a 6-foot humanoid robot capable of walk on rough terrains and even on snow-covered areas. It is equipped with dual high-definition cameras and laser rangefinder to estimate the distances and navigate. Atlas was the first robot to perform successful back-flips when released in the year 2013.

Atlas is an absolute breakthrough in humanoid robotics as it can get up itself when it gets knocked down. The project was funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). Despite its exceptional capabilities, Department of Defense has said that it won't be used the robot for offensive or defensive warfare.

4. Chip

Chip – it sounds kinda interesting?

So, Chip too…

Chip is an intelligent and affectionate robotic dog which greets you at the door, follows you around and plays with your kids just like your real pet dog. He's not just smart and interactive, he can also learn new things so you can teach him tricks.

Chip comes with a pair of smart wristbands so he can identify its owner by the band, a smart ball so kids can play with him and a smartBed to recharge himself. You can press ‘like' button on the band to encourage him to behave more. Your choices change his behaviour and his personality so no other Chip can't be like yours.

With embedded cutting edge beacon sense technology and advanced sensors, Chip can always aware of his surroundings. He knows how to return his bed and when to charge himself. The chip will love to hear you so just say “Hey Chip” to get his attention.

3. Papper

Papper is more human than a robot, built by SoftBank Robotics. Papper is first of its kind in the world to be socialized and to be live with humans. This semi-humanoid social robot is capable of understanding the principle of human emotions and adopts his behaviour according to your moods. He can recognize your tone and understand expressions on your face. He enjoys listening to music and dancing according to it.

Being a good listener and showing a general interest in your likes, tastes and opinions, Papper could be a friend and a good companion. SoftBank says he is more interactive than some humans too. You can also see them as a door greeter in SoftBank mobile stores

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