Amazon builds vest for workers to protect them from

Amazon has developed a piece of wearable technology for its that will protect them from robot-related accidents.

The Robotic Tech Vest is designed for Amazon employees working in warehouse fulfilment centres alongside autonomous robots.

Featuring built-in sensors, the electronic belt provides warning alerts to nearby robots to inform them of a worker’s presence. Its deployment across more than 25 Amazon sites follows incidents in which workers were injured as a result of a robot’s actions.

An Amazon spokesperson was not immediately available for comment but the company’s vice president for robotics Brad Porter told Tech News that the Robotic Tech Vest would compliment existing safety measures.

“All of our robotic systems employ multiple safety systems ranging from training materials, to physical barriers to entry, to process controls, to on-board,” he said.

“In the past, associates would mark out the grid of cells where they would be working in order to enable the robotic traffic planner to smartly route around that region. What the allows the robots to do is detect the human from farther away and smartly update its travel plan to steer clear without the need for the associate to explicitly mark out those zones.”

According to Mr Porter, the vests have already logged “more than one million unique activations” since being deployed.


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