Clearpath Teams With Velodyne to Add Lidar to its

Clearpath Teams With Velodyne to Add Lidar to its Robot Platform

Velodyne Lidar, Inc. announced this week that  Robotics has become a value-add partner, offering its lidar sensors for the research robot platform. Canada-based Robotics offers Velodyne sensors to academic and corporate research organizations as components of its mobile for survey and inspection, oil and gas, agriculture, materials handling, and other applications.

Clearpath’s solutions utilize Velodyne’s advanced lidar technology, which creates a 360-degree real-time map of the environment, allowing the robot to detect and avoid obstacles for safe autonomous navigation.

“Velodyne delivers outstanding contributions to the robotics research community by providing reliable, high-quality 3D lidar,” said Julian Ware, General Manager of Clearpath Robotics. “We have been recommending and integrating Velodyne products on our robotic platforms for almost a decade. Velodyne sensors have proven to handle challenging automation tasks and flawlessly function in unfamiliar and unpredictable settings.”

Velodyne’s lidar sensors are designed for seamless integration with robotic platforms by being easy to mount, having low-power consumption, and including a web configuration tool. The sensors are designed for outdoor deployment and are able to perform in a variety of environmental conditions including inclement weather.

“Clearpath provides a research robot platform, equipped with Velodyne sensors, that is easy to use, easy to buy, and easy to get started with development,” said Mike Jellen, President and CCO, Velodyne Lidar. “Clearpath brings the skill set and experience necessary to help customers derive maximum value from high-resolution, 3D data provided by Velodyne lidar to create innovative ground-based mobile robot solutions.”

Clearpath provides value-added services for Velodyne with wide-ranging expertise integrating its sensors in customized robotics systems. Clearpath supports ROS-ready mobile robotics platforms by developing and maintaining ROS drivers and providing step-by-step ROS tutorials, while Velodyne’s lidar sensors have built-in ROS integration.

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