Elephant Robotics Launches Catbot, a Smart Assistant Cobot

Elephant Robotics Launches Catbot, a Smart Assistant Cobot

Shenzhen, China-based Robotics this week launched the Catbot, a next-generation collaborative robot arm offering high efficiency and flexibility to several industries, but specifically to help smaller business gain access to robotics. Now available for pre-order, the Catbot will be available in August 2019, the company said.

Elephant Robotics Catbot

A unique feature of the Catbot is voice command functionality, with functions and features available through Elephant’s virtual shop, known as the catStore, offering a set of 20 basic skills, along with the possibility of developing new skills and sharing them with other users across an open platform.

Use cases for Catbot include education projects, photography, massaging, to making coffee or co-playing a table game, the company said. The company said Catbot is “extremely easy to program, from a high-precision task up to covering hefty ground projects.” End-effector options include long-range adaptive grippers, a screw driving package, polishing package, suction cup, short-range EGP, and soft gripper, among others.

Joey Song, the founder of Elephant Robotics, said he “wanted to create a smaller in size robot that will be safe to operate and easy to program for any business owner with just a few keystroke commands.” He said he was committed in making human-robot collaboration accessible to any small business, taking away the limitations of high price or highly skilled programming needed for other robot systems.


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