German cleaning robot Franzi cheers up patients in Munich hospital

cleaning makes sure floors are spotless at the Munich hospital where she works, and has taken on a new role during the pandemic: cheering up patients and staff.

“Could you get out of the way? I need to clean, ”the robot says in German as people block her pre-programmed cleaning route. – You need to move away! I really want to remove! ” – squeaks Franzi at those who do not leave the road. And if that doesn’t work, digital tears will flow from her LED-lit eyes.

Visitors are not allowed during a pandemic, so Franzi is entertaining patients a bit,” Constance Rettler of Dr. Rettler, the company responsible for cleaning Neuperlach hospital, told AFP, which provided the robot. Three times a day, the robot walks through the lobby of the clinic, and its feet automatically wipe the floors. Satisfied patients take pictures of Franzi, and some even stop to chat with the robot.

Founded by the company in Singapore, Franzi was originally called Ella and spoke English before arriving in Munich earlier this year. However, her German is perfect. She can also sing classic German pop songs and even rap on request.

Rettler is confident that the robot does not take jobs from real people. Instead, his job is to “support” his flesh and blood colleagues, who have become harder to find during the coronavirus pandemic.

After several weeks of testing, she appears to have finally settled in the Neuperlach hospital. Therefore, Rettler’s company decided to leave her there forever.

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