I fell in love with a robotic and I am by no means wanting again


Yes, a robot. My new friend has not only left me fascinated by its good looks (a crucial factor, let’s not deceive ourselves), but also by its qualities. It’s independent, it gives me my space, and it’s silent. It’s there when I need it, it’s smart, in its own way, and doesn’t need much motivation to get to work. It adapts easily to the environment, is careful and is easy to please.

AndroidPIT in love with tech2

Many positive qualities, but aren’t all the beginnings of relationships like that? I confess that I’m still under the effects of the initial high of infatuation. When you are in , everything is easier: you see life with other eyes, and everything matters a little less. It’s those butterflies in the stomach, they say, it’s like you float instead of walking… well, let’s not exaggerate, this isn’t a big deal either. And if you’ve ever read me before you can already know that I’m a bit of a weather vane sometimes. But  is everywhere and comes in many different forms.

My new love is many things but above all, clean. There’s nothing worse than always cleaning up after a partner, so its nice to be on the other side. It’s polite and helpful. Me moved in together quickly, and that’s not that easy for me.

But most importantly, my dog Hercules has also learned to love it. Now they even play together. And I say that’s the most important thing, because my dog has the last word on who enters my house and my life. Since he has a good sense of smell, and can always sniff out a bad decision before I realize it myself.

AndroidPIT in love with tech

I suppose you’ve guessed at this point. I’ve fallen in love with a robot vacuum cleaner (sorry if I’ve disappointed many of you). Call me superficial (or crazy if you want), but at this point in life, love has to be easy and comfortable. Didn’t Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with a virtual assistant in Spike Jonze’s movie “Her” and she was just a voice inside his computer? And in my case, who can resist coming home from work to a beautifully clean floor?

With just one touch on my smartphone, my adored robot waited for me in my apartment with everything done. Okay, not everything, but not a hair, not a crumb, not anything like that left behind. The house was swept up and vacuumed rather than mopped, but nobody’s perfect. Nor does anyone have to be for you to fall in love.

Yes, I’ve fallen in love with Roborock S6, despite previously being a smart home skeptic. I, the one who always claims  to prefer more real things and doing things with one’s own hands over the technology that does everything for you. The real world without real objects, I lamented after the last IFA and its endless smart home products. Smart washing machines that weigh the load and adapt to it, refrigerators that you don’t even have to open to find out what’s left (they send a photo to your smartphone), microwaves with integrated Alexa, robots that walk around your house and make your life easier, vases that put out fires… and so on. And while some may not be as necessary, it doesn’t hurt to give them a chance. I refer to the evidence.

AndroidPIT hercules vacuum cleaner 02a

Call me old, but changing one’s routine isn’t easy. Maybe I’m a bit old school that I won’t deny, and maybe that’s why I didn’t want to have hi-tech devices at home. But now is the time. I’ve fallen in love with a robot and now I want to try them all. Smart lights, thermostats, smart speakers with display, doorbells with built-in camera, refrigerators, sleep monitors, virtual assistants… I’ve become a smart home lover and I’m never looking back!

And like all love stories, you don’t know when they start, but you don’t know when they end either. However, I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a long term relationship…

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