Robot Sensor Market shipments to cross 9 Million units by 2026

According to the report Robot Market by Product the valuation of sensors will cross $4 billion by 2026. The market growth is attributed to growing adoption of industrial & collaborative robots in the manufacturing sector to reduce operational costs, increase production capabilities, and profit margins.

Companies are deploying robotic arms in production facilities to increase productivity and achieve cost benefits by decreasing the labor workforce. This will increase the adoption of robotic sensors such as force-torque, 3D vision, and tactile sensors in industries, fueling the robot sensor market growth. Furthermore, the integration of IoT technology with robot sensors will offer enhanced results for manufacturing facilities and the environment.

The ultrasonic sensor segment accounted for over 10% of robot sensor market share in 2019 and will showcase growth of around 11% through 2026. These sensors are used for a robot’s autonomous navigation by targeting the distance using ultrasonic waves and near field navigation. Ultrasonic sensors are highly economical compared to laser range sensors and find application in robots that are used in smart factories for sensing & pre-sense sensing. Companies are focusing on the development of ultrasonic technology to launch new sensor products.

The demand for sensors in domestic robots will observe a growth rate of 10% from 2020 to 2026 owing to an increasing adoption of personal & domestic service robots in the market. These robots include robots for assistance & elderly care, toy robots, pool cleaning robots, educational robots, and vacuuming robots, among others. The integration of advanced features, such as voice recognition and machine learning, into domestic application robots will further increase the demand for robot sensors in the market.

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