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Drones are all the rage these days. All major YouTube channels are incorporating drone footage into their videos. And so a lot of people are looking into buying drones. However, the truth of the matter is that drones can be extremely expensive and difficult to pilot. But there are ways to learn to pilot a drone without spending too much money.

S9 Micro is a great budget drone for beginners. Image credit:

Small budget drones are far from professional equipment. They do not fly as well as aircraft costing thousands of euros. In many cases they don’t even have proper cameras for capturing YouTube-grade footage. However, they allow you to test yourself if you actually like piloting small RC aircrafts. They are also a good way to learn to pilot drones. And despite being extremely cheap they still offer thrills and interesting functions. Let’s look at one example, called S9 Micro.

S9 Micro is an extremely small low-budget drone. Its dimensions are only 9 x 7 x 3 cm, when it is stretched out and ready to fly or 6.2 x 4.9 x 3 cm when it is folded down for transportation. In other words, it fits on top of your palm. S9 Micro also weighs only 150 grams, which is an advantage when you are carrying it, but disadvantage when the drone is in the air.

S9 Micro can do a 360 flip with a touch of a button. Image credit:

Because S9 Micro is so small and light it is actually unsuitable for poor-weather flight. It just means that S9 Micro doesn’t like strong winds or rain. But if the sun is shining it is so easy to take this drone for a nice flight. Especially since certain versions of the S9 Micro can hold its altitude by itself, fly in all directions, come back to the pilot autonomously and perform a simple acrobatic trick – a 360 flip.

Of course, S9 Micro is meant for people with little to no drone experience and it must be easy to fly. S9 Micro is controlled by a smartphone with a special app and can fly approximately 50 meters away from its pilot (precise control is available up to 30 meter distance). In theory, this drone is small enough to be played with indoors as well, but that may be risky. On the other hand, manufacturer is kind enough to provide four extra propellers in case you break the stock ones.

The best thing is that the S9 Micro folds down to a pocket-size unit. Image credit:

And what about the camera? Well, there are two versions of the S9 Micro:

The basic version has no camera. It will help you learn to fly a drone, it will perform its flips and it will provide you with the joy of flight. You just won’t be able to produce any movies with it. The good news is that the basic version of the S9 Micro costs just below 12 euros – you simply cannot buy a better drone for that kind of money.

The enhanced version is a little bit better. It has an altitude hold function as well as 0.3 megapixel camera. Again, it not enough to produce YouTube-grade videos, but it will allow seeing what the drone is seeing. This can enhance your flight experience and make you a better pilot. S9 Micro with 0.3 MP camera and the altitude hold function costs just below 23 euros.

Both of these drones have 220 batteries and can fly for around 6-7 minutes with one charge. It is a good way to learn piloting a drone and have some fun on this summer vacation.

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