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Web Desk: Tim Berners-Lee, a pretty important man in the technology world, is responsible for the birth of World Wide Web (WWW). He is considered as the father of the , reported Fossbytes.

He is about to take action to fix what internet has become. He doesn’t like how groups, like Facebook, Google and Amazon have effectively centralized the internet, nor how they control ’s .

All these situations made him to build a new and startup that’s declaring was on Big Tech.

Inrupt is a startup that Berners-Lee has been working on in stealth for about nine months. Inrupt will finally launch to the world this week, Berners-Lee told Fast Company in an exclusive interview.



Inrupt is built on the ‘Solid’ platform, is basically designed to be like the early days of the Internet, wild and free, and Inrupt will be the way to access it, at least to start. In a demonstration for the piece, he pulled up what looked like a very basic browser page, completely barebones. Part of an app built for his personal use, it displays his calendar, address book, chats, his music etc. It’s like if you combined Google Drive with , Spotify, and pretty much every piece of cloud storage and online connectivity you use today, all in one place. The difference here is that all the information is under his control.

How it will work?

The basic idea is that each user is assigned a Solid ID and Solid pod when they first come online on the platform, that can be hosted wherever you want.

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What is Solid Pod?

Pod here stands for personal data store, which is what it does. Instead of like Google Drive, where your data is stored on the company’s server and therefore subject to their data harvesting. On Solid however, all your data exists in your Solid pod.

Inrupt  is just a way for developers to build their own apps for the platform. And just like he did with the Internet, Berners-Lee has no plans to make a huge profit. Instead, he’s making the platform open source, and plans to tour across the globe over the next few months, tutoring developers on how to build their own decentralized apps using Inrupt.

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