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While BioWare is planning some new reveals for their next big title, , in a few weeks, Executive Producer Mark Darrah has been providing extra details himself via his Twitter. This follows on from a few weeks ago when a developer revealed how big the maps will be. However, not all of Darrah's info is necessarily good news, as he has confirmed that the game won't feature any mod support.

Darrah simply stated that the technology isn't there at the moment, though he did add that he'd love to support it. He also went into further detail regarding other aspects of the title, such as the difference between weapons and gear (weapons are held, gear is built into the player's Javelin).

Anthem will also contain a codex similar to what the Mass Effect series had, which will no doubt detail the lore of the world, though it won't be voiced. This marks the second time Darrah has held a Q&A like this, as he had done one last month and revealed that the game wouldn't feature content for large player groups at launch.

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Considering how popular the modding community is, with many players picking up PC copies of certain games just for having (e.g. Skyrim, Final Fantasy XV), Anthem lacking them (at least at launch) may only further sour some fans' perception of the title. While there are many excited for BioWare's new project, some were left feeling cold following its presence at E3 earlier this year. Some even lost interest when it was confirmed that the game wouldn't feature any romance options, which have been something of a staple for BioWare.

With such a split reception, many are anxious that, should Anthem fail, it could lead to EA shutting down BioWare. EA has gained a somewhat notorious reputation for buying out studios and shutting them down (their track record includes Visceral Games and Bullfrog) but BioWare's former Senior Creative Director has said otherwise.

Those who are still excited and anxious to learn more about Anthem won't have long to wait as new story details are already confirmed to be revealed at PAX West, which will be running from August 31st to September 3rd in a few weeks.

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