Belle Delphine now claims she was arrested after vandalizing a car

, the gamer girl best known for selling jars of her own “bathwater,” says she was arrested after spray-painting someone’s .

On Monday, Delphine tweeted what appeared to be her own mugshot with the caption “I got arrested lol.” However, the image does not appear in the London Metropolitan Police Department’s public database of mugshots, nor does the watermark on Delphine’s photo appear on any other mugshots.

Now, Delphine is going deeper with her claim. In a tweet hours later, she said the arrest occurred after a woman allegedly stole her hamster at a party. Incensed, Delphine painted an image of Pepe the frog which is categorized as a symbol by the Anti-Defamation League and a message: “Bitch! Give me my hamster back.” She also included photos of the alleged vandalism as well as text messages she says are from the hamster thief.

It does appear that Delphine got her hamster back after the alleged incident.

These are some of Delphine’s only posts in months. In July, her Instagram was taken down for violating the ’s terms of service, kicking off an apparent social media hiatus. In August, she claimed she’d gotten bad food poisoning on a trip to Greece, which some fans took as an explanation for her silence.

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YouTuber Ethan Klein, who frequently discusses Delphine on his podcast H3, speculated on Sunday that Delphine may have been arrested for sending bathwater (again, who knows if it was actually bathwater) through the Royal Mail. It’s entirely plausible that Delphine did not actually get arrested, but heard Klein’s podcast and decided to go along with the rumor.

As Mashable reported on Monday, it’s unclear how the Royal Mail would categorize bathwater, but shipping “biological substances” internationally is not permitted. At the time of writing, the Metropolitan Police Department had not responded to a request for comment.

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