Do not unfollow me (or anyone) on Twitter right now

There’s an unspoken rule of Twitter etiquette that if you’re going to unfollow someone, you either loudly yell “UNFOLLOW” into the feed of whichever celebrity or writer or stranger on the internet has ticked you off, or you quietly unfollow them and hope they fail to notice that their follower count has gone down. If you’re more the go-gentle-into-that-good-night type, you may not want to unfollow anyone on Twitter right now. If you do, they just might be notified of your treachery.


Numerous Twitter users have reported that they were getting push notifications whenever someone unfollowed them, according to an issue first spotted by Vice a few days ago. Ouch! That isn’t the end of the insult, though. To make matters worse, the notification incorrectly tells whoever you just cut ties with that you “followed them back.” In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “D’oh!”

Twitter acknowledged the and told Vice it is working on a fix. We reached out to Twitter for an update, but for now, be prepared to unfollow loudly, proudly, and boldly alerting the person to your disloyalty.

Update: Twitter has informed us that this glitch has been fixed and you can feel free to unfollow whoever you want whenever you want if you’re that sort of person.

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