Dua Lipa condemns ‘toxic a** behaviour’ on Twitter

Dua Lipa condemns ‘toxic a** behaviour’ on Twitter 1

has called out “ a** behaviour” on Twitter, after becoming weary of women being scrutinised over their appearances on the social media platform.

On Sunday 3 February, the singer shared a series of after logging onto the platform and immediately spotting two women being compared on her Timeline.

The 23-year-old was quick to share her dismay over the situation.

“Takes 10 seconds on the tl [Timeline] to see comparing women and their wrinkles,” Lipa wrote.

“I hope everyone engaging in this toxic a** behaviour stays plump af for the rest of their lives bc [because] reality gonna bite you in the arse.”

The singer continued, urging her 2.85 million follwers to make more of an effort with the people they come across in life by spreading kindness.

“Too much in one place. We love to preach about feminism and sisterhood but it all seems like it’s all for the clout,” she wrote.

“Maybe make a difference in someone’s life for the better.”

Lipa then went on to highlight the dangers of social media, explaining that spending too much time online can sometimes take a negative toll on her wellbeing.

“I just wanna make sure that you guys know that none of this online craziness means anything, never let anyone’s stupid opinions define how you feel about yourself,” the singer wrote.

Any tweets that trigger you or make you feel uncomfortable mute or unfollow.”

A recent study conducted by University College London found that teenage girls are twice as likely than teenage boys to exhibit symptoms of depression due to social media.

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Nearly 11,000 young people from the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) were assessed for the investigation.

Dua Lipa condemns ‘toxic a** behaviour’ on Twitter 2

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