Facebook expands its dating feature test to Canada and Thailand | Social Media

After launching Facebook in Colombia in September, the company is now expanding its test markets to two new countries: Canada and . The test also includes a few new features that let you look back at someone you may have previously passed on, or pause from the whole dating scene altogether.

The first feature is called Second Look, a self-explanatory tool that allows you to reconsider a previous right swipe. That might be helpful as more people sign on to use the feature since it’s still very new. The second update lets you pause matching in case you’re no looking to , whether that’s because you’ve found someone or are sick of the whole online dating scene. (For more help on how to navigate that, check out my colleague Ashley Carman’s guide to dating .)

Facebook says the expansion to Canada and Thailand will initially begin as signups; won’t be able to immediately browse through matches until enough people have opted into Facebook Dating. Currently, the feature sits inside the main Facebook instead of a spinoff like Messenger and Facebook Local.

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