Facebook launches new feature to help local businesses, NGOs & blood banks

Facebook has added a new feature to its Coronavirus community Help Hub to assist local , blood banks and non-profit organizations.

Facebook, on 4 May, had revealed that they launched a new platform called ‘Community Help’ where people can offer assistance to others within their community, or request help with various tasks from locals.

Now, they have decided to add more features to the hub and have rolled out these additions today as part of their efforts with ‘Giving Tuesday’.

Facebook has an update about this on its blog, writing that starting 5 May, people will be able to find gift cards and vouchers to support local businesses, donate to local nonprofit fundraisers and sign up to become a blood donor under Community Help.

Facebook’s COVID-19 community hub can be accessed here.

Image: Facebook

While the hub is not accessible in India, Facebook has launched a COVID-19 information centre, which is visible on top of the news feed. It contains information regarding the coronavirus pandemic from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

Facebook had recently introduced support for donations on live videos in Instagram. Users can create a fundraiser on Instagram Live with 100 percent of the money being raised going directly to non-profit organisations of communities of their choice.


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