Facebook’s Ad Archive Report highlights top political spenders | Social Media

For obvious reasons, Facebook’s looking to up advertising transparency ahead of the midterms. Back in May, the network introduced , a searchable database of political ads in the U.S. It’s following up the feature with a new Archive , a weekly snapshot of political spending.

The survey offerings a breakdown of by campaign, including the amount spent and the number of ads run. The first report for ads on Facebook and Instagram from between May and October 20, shows a total of $256 million spent across 1.6 million ads.

The number includes $12 million related to Facebook’s own election integrity and getting out the vote ads. Other than that, it probably won’t come as a surprise that Beto O’Rourke’s tooth and nail Texas fight leads the way. The Beto for Texas campaign has spent $5.3 million across just over six thousand ads in that period.

Donald Trump’s “The Trump Make America Great Again Committee” is in second place at $1.9 million, while “Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.” is in eighth place at $1.6 million. That’s just behind the $1.7 million spent on Tom Steyer’s “Need to Impeach.” Those will no doubt see a boost as we head toward 2020.

The archive houses ads reaching back to seven years. The site is also offering up an API for researchers to tap into the data.

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