Fb sues builders over data-scraping quizzes

Facebook on Friday sued two Ukrainian men, Andrey Gorbachov and Gleb Sluchevsky, for allegedly scraping private user data through malicious browser extensions that masqueraded as quizzes.

The company also alleges that the deceptive extensions injected unauthorized ads into Facebook users’ News Feeds when their victims visited through the compromised browsers.

From Facebook’s civil complaint:

As a result of installing the malicious extensions, the app users effectively compromised their own browsers because, unbeknownst to the app users, the malicious extensions were designed to scrape information and inject unauthorized advertisements when the app users visited Facebook or other social networking site as part of their online browsing.

According to the complaint, from 2016 to 2018, Sluchevsky and Gorbachov allegedly ran at least four web apps: “Supertest,” “FQuiz,” “Megatest,” and “Pechenka.”

The apps ran quizzes promising answers to questions such as “Do you have royal blood?, “You are yin. Who is your yang?” and “What kind of dog are you according to your zodiac sign?” among many others.

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